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Miraflex frames have a bridge anatomically designed to distribute the corrective lens and frame weight over a larger surface, increasing wearer comfort.


Unique light, flexible and malleable materials make possible to optimize the adjustment of the frames to the face of the child to allow early correction of refractive errors and strabismus treatments.


Non-metal parts and hinge free construction reduce the risk of facial and eye trauma. Great for babies, toddlers and all daily activities.


The rim is designed to hold  perfectly the lens, also with a high corrective power, and correct high refrective errors and many ocular pathologies.


Miraflex frames are available in many colors, models and shapes, to make them not only essentials for a right optical correction but also pretty and fashion.


A special adjustable and electronically welded elastic head band keeps the frame snug and centered to allow optimal optical correction and perfect occlusion treatment.